Lighting & Compositing Reel

Some selected shots from my time working at Mikros on Sherlock Gnomes, and at DreamWorks Animation on Turbo & Croods.

Video Games Reel

Some my work on AAA titles that shipped for the consoles (Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3).

VFX Reel

Some of my VFX work, including some compositing, lighting, shading, modeling, camera tracking, and cinematography (RED and Canon pro cameras).

canviz_design_app_4s_now_playing_alt canviz_concept_site_discover_01 canviz_beauty_shot_black_easel_7_2016 canviz_logoonly_whitebg liquid_video_logo_final_design_001a Share the animated-selfie in a variety of ways. An artist profile page. canviz_portrait_cad_4_25_2015 company_logo_with_name


Some of my design work, which includes early design concepting, prototyping, fabricating, testing and final execution (Objective-C, Python, CSS, CNC, Thermo-formed Plastic, etc.) on shipped products.